"This project is our opportunity to be a shining icon that inspires us as a symbol of the human and technological innovation that is Silicon Valley."
Norm Mineta
Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation
"The SVO is very supportive of the concept of this vision for downtown San Jose to serve as a signature landmark for Silicon Valley."
Silicon Valley Organization Board of Directors
"It has been a long time coming for this wonderful symbol of the spirit of innovation in our city. I know many look forward to it being a beacon for the entire Valley."
Tom McEnery
Former Mayor, City of San Jose
"The San Jose Downtown Association supports the concept of developing an iconic structure in downtown San Jose that is a beacon for the 21st Century and Silicon Valley."
San Jose Downtown Association Board of Directors
"As San Jose’s first Mayor of Latino background since statehood, I appreciate the values this project will represent to our community. It will serve as a reminder of our past, present and future innovative spirit."
Ron Gonzales
Former Mayor, City of San Jose
"Much of the success of our special region has been made possible by diverse groups coming here to live and pursue the American Dream. This project and its vision will stand as an example of this."
Dave Cortese
Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors
"Having this built in the center of our city will be a huge boon to the vibrant downtown scene and our business community."
Margaret Handyside
Britannia Arms Downtown San Jose
"San Jose needs a year-round landmark reflecting the rich innovation of the past with the possibilities of the future. I support this venture."
Hanif Ismai
Axis Condo Board Chair
"I want to express our excitement and enthusiastic support for this project. We can’t wait to see what comes from this effort!"
Paul A. Escobar
President, San Jose Downtown Residents Association