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The spreadsheet HERE is a shortcut that includes alphabetical and numeric lists of all 963 qualified submissions for your reference.


The Community Competition Panel (CCP), comprised of 34 local community leaders including artists, architects, environmentalists, and business leaders, convened for two days of deliberation sessions on July 18 and 19. They diligently reviewed and evaluated all 963 qualified submissions as a group and concluded their work by recommending 47 submissions to the Jury for consideration. Please view the 47 submissions HERE.


The Jury of 14, comprised of local, national, and international esteemed expertsconvened for deliberations on August 3, 4, and 8.  They reviewed and evaluated all 963 qualified submissions and selected the competitions' 3 finalists.


ATTENTION: The Competition was anonymous. All submissions were only identified with an entry number in order to maintain ANONYMITY. Submitters were not allowed to broadcast or communicate submissions using any media whatsoever including social media, traditional media, etc. until AFTER the 3 finalists were announced on September 18. Submitters were not allowed to communicate with any members of the CCP or Jury in any way.



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