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1. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
Wow! Simply outstanding!
2. Urban Confluence #636 "Converge" 
This is like a monument for unoriginality.
3. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
This work stands out. It's original. It gives one a warm feeling.

4. Urban Confluence #0500 "The Ring at Unity Park" 
Wow I’d love to see that! It’s beautiful
5. Urban Confluence #0964 "Landform"
Stunning concept, design and function
6. Urban Confluence #0311 "The Infinity Ring" 
That took my breath away!
7. Urban Confluence #0567 "San Jose Sky Dome"
Love it!
8. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
Just an fyi, the bear is not actually an unambiguously positive symbol, and if you go with this design you might want to figure out how to thoughtfully and respectfully address the extirpation of the entire California Grizzly population as well as the treatment of the individual bear that the one on the flag was modeled on: https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/CA-grizzly-bear-Monarch-a-symbol-of-suffering-2372855.php
9. Urban Confluence #0739 "San Jose Green Loop"
Minimum human construction. Maximum the green open space for recreation.
10. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
Beautiful and original design.
11. Urban Confluence #0421 "Super Natural SkyPark"
0421 Supernatural Skypark is my favorite. The green tree theme seems like a restful pleasant welcome to come visit and learn and enjoy. It builds on San Jose being a city with lots of greenery and the net zero maintenance is financially a good idea. I think it is beautiful and hope it wins.
12. Urban Confluence #0421 "Super Natural SkyPark"
What a stunning project! Truly unique and innovative design that embraces both technology and nature. This would be an incredible landmark for San Jose and put the city onto the world stage of landmark buildings together with Paris, Sydney and New York. I hope this one gets built!
13. Urban Confluence #0567 "San Jose Sky Dome"
This has true presence, intelligent and dramatic design. A landmark feel to it, with a certain majesty and reverence but also a sense of play and fun and frolic. SJ already has numerous domes throughout...city hall, Rosicrucian Museum, Lick Observatory, the Cinerama dome, the basiclica downtown.... this dome conflates and elevates that connection. Some cities are known as cities of bridges, of spires, of boulevards, of fountains. How about San Jose: City of Domes.
14. Urban Confluence #0500 "The Ring at Unity Park"
This is the most amazing thing I’ve seen! The only submission with a true iconic... thing.Winner!!
15. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
Nice proposal
16. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
disappointed at the number of loop (infinity, rings, etc) and mountain slope designs that were recommended, even the first two in this list are essentially the same idea. The CCP could have picked the best out of these and added more diverse entries in their selection.
17. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
It devoid of human spirit, and not expressing the essence of the Silicon Valley and San Jose community. They are a group animals made from steels.
18. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
Hello,I would suggest presenting the 963 proposals in a more easily digestible format for sharing. Right now, they're in batches without a specific link an individual proposal. So if I wanted to share one to a friend, I would have to send a link to a batch and tell them to manually search for a proposal. Given that the purpose of this is for community outreach and spreading ideas, its really difficult to do so. Maybe add a directory that groups similar concepts together, and in-page navigation. This is silicon valley, and this website isn't really up to standard. I think we can do better than this. Thank you for your time.
19. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
Build this AND the “Green Loop“ design! Beautiful.
20. Urban Confluence #0167 "San Jose Waterfall"
This is second in travel destination pull to the bear but in innovation it is first! Super cool concept with the 2 rings representing nature and tech since so many people do both here. And the indoor use of the nature ring would create a fun activity for the whole city.The hologram!!! Come on now. I'm pretty dang sold on this idea. It would look epic at night!
21. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
So many amazing concepts, but I was just awestruck by the Infinity Ring #0311. The infinity symbol alone means so much, and harkens to San Jose’s role in computing and data science that transitioned us to a new era. And it could serve so many purposes for regular San Joseans, not just visitors. It’d put our humble hometown on the global map of icons.
22. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
wow it is an art and daring architectural solution!
23. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
I am the Bear is the only design that works.
24. Urban Confluence #0637 "Aviary"
The best!
25. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
The Coupling would be my choice! A beautiful blend of technology and greenery (nature). Our past as the Garden City and present as Capitol of Silicon Valley, all represented by this beautiful proposal. Thank you.
26. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
A stunning design and interesting alternative to the statue of Liberty-the statue of Peace.
27. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
Hi , interested in viewing this site
28. Urban Confluence #0739 "San Jose Green Loop"
Of all of the ideas, I think this one represents what is most needed here in the heart of Silicon Valley: a contemplative peaceful space where our minds can wander and recharge, free from our digital distractions. This can serve as a much needed antidote to our fast-paced, over-stimulated, technology-filled lives. Can we incorporate a cell-phone coat check for those of us who have a hard time removing our eyeballs from the screen? For what it's worth, this San Jose resident's vote is for the San Jose Green Loop.
29. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
0167 Waterfall is fantastic, and the only design that grabbed my attention. It feels at home in San Jose, not just the design but the description as well, and elevates the natural resource (water) that our city has never celebrated. It creates a sense of intimacy and enclosure that cannot be found elsewhere in the downtown area. The creative use of sound is unique and wonderful. Importantly, it is a humble landmark, not arrogant or showy like so many of the others. Being low profile, without a lot of climbing, it is more accessible for all ages and abilities. This design would integrate well with future memorial or cultural installations, like an exhibit honoring the Ohlone people who once stewarded this land.
30. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
This is clearly in a wrong competition.
31. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
These are amazingly creative designs. Best of luck to the team of judges that have to pick the final three. My vote would favor a design that incorporates inspiring public space but also includes a commercial enterprise, the revenue from which could help cover the cost of maintaining the structure.
32. Urban Confluence #0167 "San Jose Waterfall"
This is my favorite. I think this would attract families, tourists, and kids. I can see this being packed during the warmer days with kids and adults playing under the waterfalls.
33. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
I like the Super Natural Sky Park design. It is unique and it can house the homeless on top.
34. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
The concept and drawings are quite beautiful!
35. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
The project impresses with its planning solution and interesting objects of small architectural forms. The design and presentation of the project is pleasant. I like the irregularity of greening the space. Congratulations to the author (or authors)!
36. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
the links go nowhere.
37. Urban Confluence #0998 "I Am The Bear"
This is my favorite!
38. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
I think efforts should be directed toward making San Jose an ever better place to live and that building an attraction meant primarily to draw tourists is a misdirection of that effort.
39. Urban Confluence #0998 "I Am The Bear"
How could the CCP recommend this? It’s totally implausible and, in my opinion, not very attractive. This community panel has picked some questionable projects to say the least, I hope their recommendations don’t bear too much weight in the actual decisions made in this event.
40. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
Seriously? This looks like as if the person who made this just picked out models from sketchup warehouse
41. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
The Arena Green functions as San Jose's living room. Marches often end in Area Green and local organizations set up outreach tables and there is a platform where speeches are made or there are dance/musical performances. I cannot support any design for an icon that disrupts the public use of Area Green for the purposes of community discussion. I thought San Jose already had an "icon," the rotunda at City Hall; it is already used by news channels to indicate San Jose....
42. Urban Confluence #0370 "Guadaloop"
Love this - similar to Unity Park. Good for all the same reasons.
43. Urban Confluence #0311 "The Infinity Ring"
Although not monumental these should be built alongside another larger project. The project could be merged into one of the top three given the artworks aren’t that large. Preferably merged into one more focused on coexistence with nature which the designer seems to be aiming for. The works are also very respectful of nature on the site and the land once occupied by Native tribes of the region compared to some of the colder mechanical submissions in the top 47. The project would mesh well with various grander projects and liven up the park jogging paths. Some cities I’ve been to have artwork similar to this on jogging paths and are used by schools to teach children (I learned about the planets this way in Elementary!). Obviously not the next Eiffel Tower but they provide some well needed ambiance to the park. Merging this into one of the larger nature focused projects (such as the timber structures or terrain transformers) to create a environmentally focused landmark might lead to something world class.
44. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
#167 is the winner! It is so inviting. I want to be there now.
45. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
To me Eurica Statue is the best option for this amazing park. It signifies victory, and it resembles the Statue Of Liberty in a way. I live in Tampa, FL, we have beautiful Salvatore Dali museum. And this project reminds me of Dali museum grounds. Love it! I think this is the winner!
46. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
Few, have the "tone" of sophisticated structure to remember. Some structures don't show the real thickness to cover the REAL structural efforts. The distance to bridge the two sides, more than 400' is long enough to understand the structural problems and meanings of this distance. Many of them are only paths for runners, what is the purpose to get to the top? Any of this structures "cover" the safety codes and the fire department rules. How expensive will be the maintenance of this? Is a shame... this is not driven by professionals.
47. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
One of the "arch" projects... interesting to create a public space at the apex of the Arch... Circle representing community at the summit. nice use of iconic skyline shots, bold integration into SJ city. . Fruit orchard is unique and beautiful park strategy showing San Jose regional history, and placemaking, with minimal built impact to the park.. Good use of interior spaces/ technology.. to create interior destinations for recreation, education, business, events, dining... etc.
48. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
We appreciate the designer's time and effort. But Unfortunately, We believe holes on a woman' body can be controversy and undignifying, with peoples walking in and out of many holes of a woman' body. There are memorials portraying soldiers with symbol of void, in a sutle way, conveys sorrow from loss. The holes, emotionless face and robotic shaped breasts can be perceived that technolgy is above humanity, it can be challeging to explain to a little girl or little boy, why she has holes? is she a human? why we want to honor a robot ? we are afraid this is not the kind of message or value we want to give to future generations.
49. Urban Confluence #0500 "The Ring at Unity Park"
Why are so many of these just a round hoop? The actual bridge part seems really uninteresting, just walk in a big circle.The bear has a nice interior, but the overall idea is very cheezy. The forum is an interesting idea, but the actual space is very bland, and the exterior is very repetitive, doesn't seem like anyone would actually use it. I like the graphics used to represent the shell, but it has no context as a functional art piece--it is not a reason to go out of your way to come to this park.Really, there are two main choices here: a big hoop, or a peeled up pointy landscape.
50. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
Very nice, modern and classic in one, magnetic appeal
51. Urban Confluence #0292 "Infinity Garden"
Cool imagery, wondering if the cold metal spaceship look is overdone here (APPLE), the world need a more down to earth touch
52. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
I like the originality and breadth of modern solutions for the implementation of various objects in the structure of the city park in the Eureka project.
53. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
I hope the jury will spend an adequate amount of time to carefully go through all the 963 proposals and not only the 47 selected ones by CCP.
54. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
Hello, I am a professor of architecture and the comment here is focusing on the 47 recommended proposals. Now, while there is definitely design value in most of these proposals, the larger question is whether they are "unique" or "original" and representative of the unique city of San Jose and Silicon Valley. If we distill what the city of San Jose or Silicon Valley represents, it is not related to parks, nature, or even sustainability, it is technology and innovation. With this in mind, I think the proposals are unfortunately not adequate and are similar to many icons across the world. Currently there is a giant circular park being constructed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Also two large rings interlocking near the city center. You can google images of Riyadh circle park. But also elsewhere, for instance in Aarhus, Denmark with the "infinite bridge" or "Aros" The fact that there were so many submissions that are similarly using a circular or "mobius" geometry gives us clue that it is "common" and being proposed in many cities. It would be unfortunate to create an icon that can be mistaken for others. Even "Apple Park" or the "Gasholder Park" which are more local. Also, the vertical or standing circle is reminiscent of the "London Eye". It is hard to think of a unique icon when it can be confused or even judged as similar to another icon.In general, the concept of elevated parks are being done across the world. The highline in NY, "the tide" in london, or the "Yanweizhou Park" in China. When you are asking for a "new" icon, many of the designs, although attractive, are happening across the world. Again, when people think of Silicon Valley or San Jose, they dont think "park", they think "technology" and "innovation".
55. Urban Confluence #0311 "The Infinity Ring"
This is really the only entry that inspired me since it seems to encompass the very ideals of being a true icon with timeless qualities that none of the other entries seem to capture. Until I came across this entry, I was about to say that perhaps the contest should run for another year to get some more inspirational designs that would capture the qualities that make for a world class icon. The timeless beauty of the Infinity Ring is that it appears to be floating in the air as if it was some type of futuristic spacecraft from another advanced civilization. Because of the enormous size & scale of this design, it will stand out for all to see when visitors come to downtown San Jose. They will at once be in awe by the beautiful simplicity of design & the sheer elegance in which it is executed. Like the Statue of Liberty in New York, it clearly seems to project what an iconic symbol should be about. When looking at the Infinity Ring from the angle where it looks like a giant heart with the hot air balloon floating in the middle, it seems to say, "Welcome to San Jose!" From that perspective, it looks inviting & welcoming to all visitors who happen to see this symbol from the perspective of the giant heart. I believe if it is built here in downtown San Jose, it will be recognized as the 21st century equivalent of New York's Statue of Liberty, for the west coast. Because of the beauty, elegance & relative simplicity of design, I believe it will receive national & international recognition as one of the world's greatest works of public art. I believe that the Infinite Ring if built will become the single most treasured development in the city of San Jose.The beauty of the Infinity Ring is that it shows off many different perspectives & points of view depending upon where & what angle you view this from. I like that fact that it is so expansive covering the entirety of the arena green area & not really encumbering the ground floor of the greens since most of the structure will be well above ground thereby allowing the arena greens to remain a spacious place for visitors to roam about.The Infinity Ring symbolizes our great technological prowess here in Silicon Valley while simultaneously showing the world that we also embrace humanvalues of charity, hope, kindness & love for all humanity. I believe that it will truly become one of the most famous & impressive landmarks ever built in the U.S. & will attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to downtown San Jose each & every year going forward once it is built.The beauty of this design also is that it allows the general public to go inside the ring & walk around the entire perimeter while taking in some breathtaking views of the Santa Clara Valley surrounded by the Mt. Hamilton range in the East & the Santa Cruz mountain range to the West. I also see the great potential in the design which seems to offer a phenomenal LED light show at night which would further attract thousands more to our downtown. Finally, the Infinity Ring is very aspirational in that it says that we should embrace the future with an open mind & a big heart which the mathematical infinity symbol seems to imply since the universe has almost infinite possibilities where anything may be possible as long as we have an open mind. Overall, a brilliant concept & a truly beautiful work of art that should be built here in San Jose, a city that has been forever searching for a distinct identity to separate itself from our city to the North, San Francisco. I hope we don't pass on this once in a lifetime opportunity since it ultimately will get built by some other city that recognizes that this is a truly great iconic symbol for the 21st century.
56. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
I think this is the most interesting, rational and original solution.
57. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
At first glimpse the project seemed reminiscent of ancient statues and sites which blessed the world of antiquity. After a closer look I was astounded by the modernity and innovation of the structure. This project brings the wonders of old into the modern world. This project will be an iconic site and in my opinion can become the face of San Jose.
58. Urban Confluence #0268 "Wings of San Jose"
Supernatural Skypark is visually stunning. I appreciate that it is eco-friendly and that the lighting system takes into account wildlife. My one worry is safety! I don't see guardrails.
59. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
The project is excellent. The idea is very interesting and beautiful. The sculpture is stunning and planted in this place. I wish the author to bring his project to life. artist MANOLE
60. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
So impressive! What wonderful concepts and designs
61. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
I think by allowing non experts to pre-select these 47 projects you have overlooked or given unfair advantage to other nicer much better considered projects. I entered this competition with the understanding that an EXPERT jury would be voting on projects, because they would be able to identify the serious projects with a good understanding of structure, urban context, cultural and site considerations that many of these selections do not have. I am frankly extremely disappointed by a lot of the pre-selections because as an accomplished architect myself, I do not think a lot of these projects are very good proposals, and I see you have overlooked many much better projects. Some of these projects are to similar to other well known existing projects, Bayterek Tower, YAP 2012 by HKN, LAX theme building. I trusted that the expert jury would have been able to identify the projects that are structurally impossible, that are copies of older existing projects. If projects like Constellations, or Binary tree, were to win, this would be a huge disappointment to the architecture and artist community as a whole who entered the competition in good faith. You needed to allow the expert panel do a pre-selection, and then have the CCP and the community voice their opinion on those finalists selected!
62. Urban Confluence #1052 "Kinetic Obelisk"
Instantly one of my favorites. The lighting at night is amazing! imagine coming out of a game or Diridon station and seeing the beautiful light show on display. Or taking your kids to the park and watch as the look on in awe. This Icon is spot on what San Jose needs to stand out from a branding standpoint. I love the story behind the shape celebrating the women's form, which could also lend the to structure celebrating women. Would be really incredible to hear the world's most influential women from around the world giving speeches under a form celebrating their very form. Speeches by Silvia Mendez, Mexican-Puerto Rican civil rights activist, Nancy Pelosi, the highest-ranking congresswoman in U.S history, Sonia Sotomayor, the first Mexican and Latina on the Supreme Court, the list and opportunity goes on. I trust that your team is looking for not only the wow factor but for something that the Icon can keep on giving to the world through the lens of the San Joses multi-faceted community. Too many times San Jose has missed out on these opportunities to stand out through no fault of our own but this time let's spend the money to build an Icon that gives back. Thank you for your time and for giving San Jose a vouce, we all look forward to our future Icon.
63. Urban Confluence #0084 "The Forum"
The Forum is by far one of the top 3 definitely. It is Awe-inspiring, majestic, beautifully simplistic and functionally useful for the community. What can I say "Bravo" The Wings also in my top 3 very iconic and grand. The fact that is would be the largest all wood structure is very appealing.My last of my top 3 picks is Two Rivers-One point is very impressive, Iconic and classic all in one.Honorable mention to The Anti-Gravity Arch & Sky Dome
64. Urban Confluence #0167 "San Jose Waterfall"
Converge is not interactive enough. Statues and structures are boring on their own.
65. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
After reviewing all of the projects, it seems there were quite a few circle-philes and physicists specializing in Mobius Strips on the committee. These projects are not in the best interest of those in San Jose, the indigenous population, and being true to expressing the reality of San Jose and its citizens.
66. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
There are some very good submissions. While there is more elimination to be done, I would encourage a monument without a lot of moving pieces, a ton of technology, or some other "tricks" that will be costly to maintain throughout the it's life and will likely become obsolete in a decade. I would also encourage staying with a classic theme - something the entire city would be proud of over a very long period of time. Thank you
67. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
This project is different by its warmth and humanity both in form and content. Therefore, I choose Eureka. 
68. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
I was surprised to see how many similarities there were between some of these. Those similarities affected my response. The three that stood out were;1. The Bear2. The Caterpillar3. Waterfall BridgeMy concern with Waterfall bridge is the expenses to keep it beautiful and the impact of a dilapidated version. The Caterpillar bridge is aesthetically incredible. If shiny, it would stand out but may impact airport. The Bear is my favorite. As a California native, I love the Bear. It could be viewed as the heart of our beautiful state, providing that connection to our environment that ties into how Native Americans view nature. "We are the land." It could honor the State's past and be a beacon for its future.
69. Urban Confluence #0421 "Super Natural SkyPark"
This project really embodies the major problem we all face as humanity in the world, the shortage of trees. Humans have lost their touch with nature so to be able to stand next to one of these towers and understand how big and powerful trees can be can be inspiring and invoke change. The LED screens all over the towers really can capture the futuristic essence of Silicon Valley as it is the city of tomorrow. So to have a powerful structure in Silicon Valley will only make the city stronger and more understood in society. The capability to also change the display on the LED screens to show case any major event could be possible. Or even videos. For example the Black Lives Matter movement is huge and to be able to change the screens to display support can really show case what Silicon Valley stands for, or what it doesn’t stand for. This project is timeless and would receive maximum attention and visitors if built. And the common areas of the park and upstairs can be areas of not only enjoyment and experience, but to be able to discuss crucial ideas which the towers showcase. The towers can act as conversation starters, however starting the conversation in the right direction to be meaningful and productive.
70. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
My favorite was #302 (Batch 5)
71. Urban Confluence #0243 "The Caterpillar"
If there is museum competition, I am sure there will be better designs.
72. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
All 47 are extremely impressive. No question about that. However, it seems there is not one selected whose design and presentation hasn't been submitted by what apparently has to be a professional architect. So much for the "idea person" without those skills having any chance or as much sway as the professional.Good luck. And Stay safe. I'll be sure to visit your town and the final structure when it's done and we're all safe to travel again.
73. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
Graphics are fun, dome is very inviting, but wish they utilized more of the site.
74. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form
It's a thousand pities that the information that the structure can be placed not only on the eastern and western sites, but also between them in the form of an arch, was posted not in the brief, but in the FAQ section, not everyone, including me, noted this and therefore were very limited in design.
75. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form 
A bit of a shame to see the lack of variety in the proposals submitted to the jury. Seems the CCP had a clear orientation towards circular designs (the first two of the 47 look identical). Looking at all the other proposals there are clear gems hidden there. The circular designs are pleasing but they just take up way to much of the spots that could have been used to explore other forms and experiments (and make for a more interesting jury debate, which would have lead to a more thought-out winner and the best possible landmark). My personal favorites are 'Cloud Digital Art Museum' and 'Super Natural Sky Park' as they exhibit clear originality when compared to the others here. My least favorite proposals are 'The Asimov Tower' and 'Two Rivers, One Point' - they just look like miniature Dubai skyscrapers.
76. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
Beautiful project of park - a lot of green and nice and interesting Eureka Statue that is suitable to the environment.
77. Urban Confluence #0292 "Infinity Garden"
I vote for this one! It has a beautiful industrial mix with nature, emphasizing our continuing environmental focus in the world.. can be used as a public space and is large and iconic all at the same time.
78. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form 
A great entry - unique in its design and I like the idea that it will provide a large amount of public shade to the park below. One of the most generous things a building can do is provide shade on a hot day (and most do not do so very well). Great idea to get up in the air, really visionary, a cool destination, simultaneously futuristic but also seems timeless. A few of the other entries I have to say appear a little cynical - San Jose already has one Apple Campus.
79. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form 
I like variants 0132, 0370 and 0500.
80. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form 
I’m very interested in the idea of Silicon Valley/San Jose as the hotbed of innovation. But looking at these 47 proposal, I am deeply disappointed and further concern of the direction where „creative people“ are taking.All of these design are mediocre, you can find these kind of cheap shape-oriented design everywhere on any image/ design platform e.g. pinterest,... with little to no efforts. The one I like the most among these is proposal number 0964. But it is not that good of a design work, in comparision, it is nowhere near the status of the great landmarks that were built before around the world. But at least the 0964 has good intention and seems like they at least care about what the building will do to the community and to San Jose image. At least it will not be a waste of precious building materials if built. I hope there are better works somewhere among nearly 1000 proposal, something that suits the great spirit that Silicon Valley has promoted. I truly hope the outcome of the competition will be something better than all of these childish 47 proposals combine.
81. Urban Confluence #0311 "The Infinity Ring"
Very slick, the theatres are interesting!
82. Urban Confluence #0509 "The Confluence Tower"
The project seems both aspirational and feasible (the submission actually shows structure). Also I appreciate all the different opportunities that the project brings to the table and seems to be one of the only submissions that takes the local society and history into the equation. The design is sensitive to many of the pressing matters of our time while also creating a USABLE monument that serves the community.
83. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form 
wow, I actually wanna cry seeing this...
84. Urban Confluence #0998 "I Am The Bear"
I love this sculpture! I think everyone can enjoy it. I also like that it changes at night with images from the day. The combination of technology with the bear is appropriate for Silicon Valley. My son who is 9 years thinks it is the best one too. So it appeals to many age groups. I teach middle schools kids. I think they would like it also. By far the best choice! I don’t like any of the Boring others. They will not attach visitors.
85. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
All right! I like the idea and logo of the Eureka project!
86. Urban Confluence #0421 "Super Natural SkyPark"
This project is monumental, unique and ingenious. Using the metaphor of the redwood forest in a completely man-made application seems strangely appropriate for this park when surrounded by a sea of "tech" companies and ethos. It's a park on steroids...and truly super-natural. If built, this project would definitely attract world-wide attention. Hope it wins.
87. Urban Confluence #0998 "I Am The Bear"
Can we vote too? I like this one, it's somewhat practical and says we are California
88. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form 
After looking at all projects, there are a few number of projects are much better quality than many projects included in CCP recommendations. It would be very crucial not to miss any good designs. Hope Jurors to have more time to find them in detail and to choose the final designs to offer communities a meaningful landmark to represent true nature of Silicon Valley; the city that inspires, motivates and encourages new adventurers. Silicon Valley deserves the best.
89. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form 
Hi, I'm a long time resident of the area. Thank you for this undertaking, building something San Jose and surrounding communities can be proud of. My vote goes to The Cloud Digital Art Museum, and the Tower of Gaia. Both designs are very unique and instantly recognizable, which is a must for an iconic landmark. The idea of the the cloud and its dual meaning is especially apt for the capital of Silicon Valley. The structure itself should be interactive, a structure visitors can enter or ascend, to maximize impression and meaningful use. To be a true world class landmark, its scale needs to be sufficiently impressive, and have enough verticality to stand out and be visible from a distance (think postcards, from various distances and angles).The green space surrounding the structure should allow for outdoor events, such as festivals, farmers markets, and live music to become a hub for the local community, vitalizing the area and increase foot traffic. Thank you for reviewing my comment.
90. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form 
The CCP seemed to have a real preference for circles, bridges, and corner landform schemes. It's like they were hedging their bets by trying to choose them all. Aren't the scaffolding required for the construction of some of these schemes and the foundations needed to support them going to wreak havoc across the whole site? Was there no feeling for the gardeners and landscapers who will have to install and maintain all the landscape of the hanging garden schemes? Too many are under scaled tilted knock-offs of the St. Louis Arch or The Vessel or the various works of Calatrava. Sorry kids, Saarinen did it first and better than you ever will. Or you should just hire Heatherwick or Calatrava and get it over with already. The CCP clearly missed a lot of better versions of these different schemes and ones that actually showed something resembling actual design innovation. That they couldn't come up with a full 50 schemes shows their bias or timidity is showing. I can only imagine how the dynamics of a committee with 34 people on it must have played out. Disappointed. I hope the final jury has the energy and wherewithal to look more closely and more critically at all of the schemes.
91. Urban Confluence #0500 "The Ring at Unity Park"
Fabulous Design! - I love the inspirational references - so symbolic of history - past present and future.
92. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form 
I'm relieved to see the entire set of finalist entries. Somewhere I saw a survey that asked folks to pick among six of these, unfortunately not the best of this selection. I so sincerely hope that the final selection is better than existing public art in San Jose, which is hopelessly derivative and, with perhaps a single exception, second rate. (Robert Graham's 'Plumed Serpent,' aka 'Quetzalcoatl,' was scaled down when San Jose officials declared the original to be "too expensive." The resulting sculpture, which looks like either a pile of discarded tires or a pile of something else, is a first rate sculptural show of disrespect for the City and, frankly, San Jose deserved what it got.) I can only pray that the 2020 art committee reviewing these 47 works is more savvy, and aesthetically and culturally smart, than the 1990's committee.
93. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
this project stands out for is its simplicity, coziness and disposes to peace.organically appears in the landscape, beautiful space solution of the sculptureand all of the art objects.
94. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
A lots of cute and beautiful ideas, connecting science, art and nature. Very interesting and beautiful design. I want to walk and spent time at this park!!
95. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
I am impressed by the intention to satisfy the various interests of people. In the "Eureka" project, this is expressed by the distribution of different functions across different objects, which works well in the structure of the city park.
96. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
I like the strong classical background seen through the innovative vision of the artist.
97. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
A wonderful statue, makes me think and seems to fit the landscape.
98. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form 
My wife and I love 0421 Super Natural SkyPark
99. Urban Confluence #0167 "San Jose Waterfall"
This is my favorite. I can see myself going for peaceful time with the waterfall noise being calming presence. There is something like this in SF which is the only downside but this design is circular and allows many people to find places for solitude and contentment. 
100. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
I liked this project, thanks to its functionality, unusual convenience and proximity to nature.
101. Urban Confluence #0998 "I Am The Bear"
The concept may be called the "Wishing Whirl" but it would absolutely be known as "The Slinky."
102. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
I really want to spend time in part like that
103. Urban Confluence - CCP 47: General Comment Form 
I live close by, city of Santa Clara. I like many of the designs. My advice is that the winner be simple, nothing that needs a lot of maintenance. At some point in the future funding will be cut so it is important that it can go several years without substantial maintenance. Spirit of Light, Vantage Route, and Constellation of San Jose are all good looking low maintenance. I am a armature photographer so would like something that can be photographed.
104. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
I like this project, it resembles the art of Etruscan, and fits well into this architectural complex.
105. Urban Confluence #1037 "Eureka Statue and Arts Project"
Its wondefool proek with especially character