Mission Statement

The mission of the San Jose Light Tower Corporation (SJLTC) is to build an iconic landmark for San Jose and Silicon Valley that is respected by people around the world and is the must-see place to visit in Silicon Valley for both locals and visitors. The project is NOT a “light tower”. The founders were simply inspired by the original San Jose Electric Light Tower that existed from 1881 to 1915.


The organization plans to create an iconic world-class destination landmark for Silicon Valley. It will be an impressive and recognizable symbolic structure appropriate for the unique Silicon Valley region that is internationally respected and recognized as the world-wide center of innovation and will become the architectural and artistic legacy of the current generation of leaders in San Jose and Silicon Valley. This landmark will be a major enhancement to downtown San Jose and be an important catalyst for Silicon Valley culture and long-term regional economic development.


The project design will come from “Urban Confluence Silicon Valley”, an international open ideas competition that was launched in July 2019 and will conclude in early 2021 with the winning design approved by SJLTC and the San Jose City Council.


The new iconic landmark will represent the intersection of modern technology, history, art, architecture, engineering, and place-making. This world-class destination will be visited by numerous tourists and cherished by the local community as a symbol of San Jose’s and Silicon Valley’s place in the world.