0998 - I Am The Bear


I AM THE BEAR is inspired by California Grizzli’s Flag. This powerful symbol represents the whole community of San Jose. No matter Where you come from, your age or culture, you can identify yourself in this monument. A popular symbol easily appropriated by all. Scaled 20x its original size the bear becomes a fascinating structure that interacts with its surrounding through is technological skin. Collecting data during the day and releasing itafter being transformed into light- by night as a lantern.The project aims to connect the community. From outside to inside, the bear is an environmental and inspirational journey.


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I AM THE BEAR, is a monument inspired by the famous Grizzly Bear of California. This strong symbol represents the entire community of San Jose, wherever you come from, your age or your culture. You can identify yourself into the bear. A popular symbol easily appropriable by all and easily communicated to the rest of the world. With a scaled of 20x from its original size, the bear becomes a fascinating object. During the day it’s skin, made of solar panels, looks like a noble sculpture of bronze and silver. By night the bear turns into a gigantic lantern composed of a network of LED lights. At night it is a witness of the day with daily gathered information released as imagery.


Data is collected by sensors throughout the city, transformed into light in order to compose one new image every day. The giant bear-screen is a direct representation of what is happening.


A preventive tool, an indicator of pollution, noise, heat, traffic, wind, rain, movement in the park, events. Here technology is used to make the population sensitive to their environment. It helps to visualize the impact of our actions. A playful tool at the service of the community, waiting for the night to discover a new lighting composition so that you know more about your day.


On the scale of the park, the monumental structure proposes a new canopy under the belly of the bear. This area becomes a public plaza, activated with public programs such as cafes, shops and services housed within the four paws of the bear. The relationship between the legs, the existing landscape and the new plaza is very dynamic and respectful with a minimum footprint on the true soil.


The large space column-less space connects with the program of the ground floor offering the possibility to host a large number of events. Inside the bear, a large exhibition hall explains the processes of the transformation from sensory information to data to light. Large screens display images around the sensors and another large screen organized around the elevator shows the collected data.


The four legs are used for vertical circulation and offer a strong level of accessibility to each part of the bear. I AM THE BEAR stands in the middle of the city as a sustainable and resilient structure. A new member of the community.