0374 - The Knot

A Sculptural design lying on the ground embracing this beautiful site like a picture frame for one of nature’s magnificent art works. This sculpture starts leaving the ground in an elegant movement of its two sides preparing to join together in a circular bond. This joining represents a confluence between Nature and Science (Technology). This sculptural representation reflects the soul of San Jose and cherishes the site it stands on, creating a memorial and an attraction for the community and her visitors from around the world.



This design is a statement that represents the soul of San Jose. It is a representation of the two main elements that define this city and its message to the world. NATURE and SCIENCE are the pillars that carry the future of the human progress and his achievements. The site chosen couldn’t have been any better, as the confluence between the two rivers is a great representation and inspiration to the idea of this project.

The idea is a representation of the confluence of NATURE and SCIENCE.

The Concept:

This connection had to be represented with a shape that shows the infinite scale of its possibilities yet a unity in the form. The circle that has no beginning and no end was developed in an ellipsoid shape to respect the shape of site and embrace its beautiful nature. These two elements are linked together in a representation of their importance and impact through a monument that becomes an Icon commemorating this tie between them. This tie of Beauty and Enovation, in a Knot ready for us to pull its strings. The circle of life that embraces this beautiful site leaves the ground to fly in the air with its two arms in a graceful dance of union.

The Function:

The design is composed of three main buildings connected through circular landscape design. It surrounds the site with a pedestrian and cycling trail that touches the different design components. The three buildings host different functions that represent the concept of this design.

The first building (The Knot) commemorates the soul of San Jose and contains a ride (attraction) around one of the vertical circle sides to show the site and area from the high latitude of this memorial.

The second building which is close and adjacent to the first is Arena Green Science & Technology Building that contains futuristic technological innovations, exhibited by the prestigious companies of Silicon Valley, as well as restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

The third is on the other side of the site Arena Green Arts and Nature Building. Which contains Art galleries, music rooms, a museum and outside is an amphitheater (The Steps) with an open area exhibiting arts and sculptures. Also, its elevation facing the highway will be a great art exhibiting wall.


This birth of the Icon of San Hose will be a symbol to the confluence of Nature with Science.

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