0311 - The Infinity Ring


A ring which frames the confluence point. It bends upwards, creating two bridges. The observer can contemplate different shapes from different perspectives: an arch, a U-shaped structure, a circle, a heart, and an infinity symbol.

Vertical elements work both as parasols and power generators which are rotated by wind. In addition, a surface of photovoltaic cells generates more electric energy.

Lights delineate the shape of a feminine curve in the darkness of the night. An spectacular light show helps to appreciate a different shape, as times goes by.

The Infinity Ring.


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Technology turns the complex into simple. The aim of this project is to represent this two sided reality.

In San Jose, two rivers join together at one point. At this confluence lies a center that has to be framed and highlighted.

A circle, in the form of a silicon ring, surrounds the Urban Confluence. It bends upward to two interconnected large arches. It is possible to drive across the two bridges in two opposite directions. The ring is made of silicon, the core of the information age.

Different shapes can be observed from different perspectives. From the front, a great arch, a U-shaped structure, an infinity symbol. From above, a large heart. A large circle forms a peace sign along with the rivers.

On the sides, the transparent structure is made of five hundred vertical elements that protects the birds by making it visible. The elements rotate and generate electricity using the natural power in the wind. Although the elements work as parasols it is possible to see the city, the metropolitan area and even the entire Silicon Valley through them.

The silicon skin of the building contains photovoltaic panels. These cells contribute to the building’s energy supply along with the wind generators.

At night, the ring becomes a huge lighthouse that can be seen from San José. It displays a light show that includes laser cannons, LED lights and led-lit outlines which highlight the shape of the ring. The vertical elements are also lit to create an infinite variety of effects.

In many cities, masculine power is usually shown by erecting vertical monuments which struggle to become the highest and most dominant construction.

However as the renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer affirmed: “I am not attracted to straight angles or to the straight line, hard and inflexible (...) I am attracted to free-flowing, sensual curves. The curves that I find in the mountains of my country in the sinuousness of its rivers, entire Universe, the curve Universe of Einstein”

Therefore, the building represents the strength of the empowered woman, the infinite curve of feminine power, and the delicate sinusoid of time: The Infinity Ring.