0467 - Two Rivers, One Point

The architectural design of this emblem represents the confluence of the two rivers, at a very important technological geographical point for the world. Under these premises, the search for the formal proposal and the function of this structure was obtained. The universal spirit of Silicon Valley is captured in a set of spaces for art, culture and recreation that allows citizens and visitors to get involved in historical issues, present and future themes for which San Jose is watching over. A legacy for the present and future of the city.


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With this name, this landmark mentions the origins of Silicon Valley. Its history is founded on the population growth that originated between two rivers. As well as in the growth of the technology industry that promotes and generates science with state-of-the-art activities in a context of dynamism and creativity, world-wide leader. Under this analogy the symbol was designed for the city of San Jose. It will always be the population that thrives the most important technological advances for the world. The formal proposal of the main iconic structure of this project has a central axis which converges in a pinnacle pointing to the sky at 200 feet height. In its formal language, the elliptical ring symbolizing the unión that consolidates and adds strength to the design. Followed by a main body where the flow of curved lines generates a sense of dynamism and actuality.