0373 - Arena Green

A space in the heart of San Jose, where the waters intersect, and the city begins its origin. Considering the importance of the river, the Confluence Point, the entourage, the needs of people, and the conditions imposed by the competition, the author of the project finds a way to supplement the missing parts, creating unity. The author of the project incorporates the new structure into the existing site, respecting the relationship between nature and humanity. It creates a symbol worthy of representing the spirit of development by the most inventive people in San Jose.


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With the river on the central axis, which represents the eternity, and the Confluence Point (memorial sites) - the Past, the building proposal consists of 2 triangles complementary to the third one - the Confluence Point. ''In classical philosophy, time is divided into three distinct regions: the "past," the "present," and the "future." Using this representational model, the past is generally seen as being immutably fixed, and the future as at least partly undefined. In this way, time is said to pass, with a distinct present moment "moving" forward into the future and leaving the past behind.'' On the Eastside, where the building creates an allusion of an ''unfinished rising wing'' which it is a space where everyone's imagination could complement it. It does not matter if an individual conceives to connect the ending points or extend it above the ''West wing''. Ultimately, everyone's future is different, and it depends only on how we create it.

This structure is:

• an emblematic destination meant for re-energizing, to change lifestyle and bring quality to life in a friendly environment for diverse communities from throughout the world. Here everyone should have the opportunity to make new acquaintances socialize in an accessible public area.

• , through its ascension, the embodiment of the spirit of by the most inventive inhabitants of San Jose.

• an eco-friendly building that has a minimal effect on the environment. The proposal aims to be a net-zero energy building by generating renewable energy to meet 100% of electricity usage. The green roof enhances sound and heat insulation.

• a strong visual aspect during the day, at night, and at a distance.

• designed to respect nature, not against it, meant to blend with the actual park and represent the fusion of the relationship between nature and humanity. The structure does not impact the riparian habitat, does not impact flood protection, and it does not affect the creek. The exterior lights have obstacles on both sides so that they don't obstruct wildlife and airplanes.

• offering more usable areas for recreational activities and habitat for wildlife. This proposal increases the green space by over 25% of the entire Arena Green Park. The activities are separated so that the active area does not intersect with the other regions. The passive area, especially the lounge area, will have a minimum noise level and solar heating.