0292 - Infinity Garden


INFINITYGARDEN. Striking, pure and timeless. Inspired by the symbol which invokes unlimited possibilities, this new iconic landmark for San Jose reflects innovation for which the city is renowned and the infinite existence of nature with the “green loop” design. The use of the park is expanded by the infinite loop, creating a park within the park for the public. It encourages movement, both in spirit and psychically while at the same time offering a peaceful escape in the urban environment for visitors. The site specific structure embraces innovation and meets the ecological concerns of the future. INFINITYGARDEN.


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This new iconic landmark for San Jose is derived from the symbol of infinity and inspired by its meaning. The symbol stands for the infinite possibilities that have arisen through the technologies and inventions developed at this location. It also stands for the infinite existence of nature and flora due to the “green loop” design.

The unique structure lies calmly and confidently over the confluence of the two watercourses running through the park. The green band connects the east and west sections of the existing park in both directions. The landmark is given an astonishing presence by the enormous dimensions. The 78ft wide elegantly curved green ribbon extends over a length of 756ft, a width of 378ft, and at a height of 160ft or 200ft including the trees located on the upper terraces. The imposed height restrictions, due to the nearby airport are counterbalanced by the structure‘s unique horizontal presence, design, and size.

The use of the park is optimally expanded by the infinite loop, essentially a park within the park. This expansion of the green areas and public paths within the iconic landmark creates new and exciting views of the surroundings. The proposed terraces and paths provide places for visitors to meet. Lush vegetation from all corners of the earth line the 10ft wide trail along the infinity loop. In addition to this, the path can also be accompanied by various exhibitions, artistic objects, or scientific explanations, thereby creating a learning or adventure path for the public.

The curved shape is visible from afar even in the dark thanks to the laterally integrated lighting band on the narrow side surfaces. The approx. 6.5 ft high lighting strip is formed by luminous dots integrated into the outer skin, which emit a soft, calm shimmering light. This light band can reproduce any color and the intensity can be controlled. As a suggestion, it reacts to various events, rain = blue light. The entire shape of the infinity symbol shines by itself and achieves an unmistakable long-distance effect at dusk and at night without emitting unpleasant blinding effects or light pollution in the environment.

Net-zero energy approach
Photovoltaic elements that are seamlessly integrated into the facade (building integrated Solar panels) provide the necessary energy for the operation of the entire structure. An effective irrigation system that utilizes rainwater tanks will optimally supply the green areas.