0235 - Constellations

Constellations is made up of 5 free standing steel sculptures of animals with its constellation inside them (Rabbit- Lepus; Whale- Cetus; Bear-Ursa Major; Fox- Vulpecula; Crane- Grus;). The constellation is see through so you can see it more clear when backlit from the sun in the day or with lights at night. Each animal represents hopeful and positivity through its symbolisms found in various cultures such as the Rabbit- representing speed that makes you come very fast on your feet, reminding you to examine and use the tools we have within ourselves; Whale- growth and progress; Bear- protection and commitment, courage and physical strength, and Fox- ability to move fast to overcome resistance and obstacles. They will act like totems and reminders to the viewers activating the Arena Green into a meditative fantastical atmosphere while celebrating the spirit of the lively growing city of San Jose.


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Constellations is a sculptural installation idea not only because of my fascination of the night sky, but also thought about how looking at the night sky gives a feeling of wonderment and hope. It is something I’m sure everyone in the community of all ages have done. The stars have a gentle presence that is calming. I chose the constellations of the animals that are found in California and thought these animals represented positive traits in symbolism in the spirit animal world that is found in various cultures. I imagined Constellations to be part of the landscape throughout the site where it encourage the community and visitors to walk explore the Arena Green and be part of their daily activity giving positive good energy that evokes imagination, wonder and positive reinforcement. I also decided on these particular animals and their scale to create a surreal fantastical and whimsical cosmological landscape bringing joy and warm smiles. I hope the viewers will feel that and see something new every time they go by the works and come up with their own narrative transporting themselves to a fantastical world combine with the flora/fauna, and spirit of San Jose. I grew up in San Jose and think about the nature, diversity in ecologies, and the lively city it has become.

Constellations is made up of 5 sculptures of animals with its constellation inside them (Rabbit- Lepus; Whale- Cetus; Bear-Ursa Major; Fox- Vulpecula; Crane- Grus) with up to 12 sculptures possible. They will be place throughout the Arena Green and made from my drawing of the animal. I would like to collaborate with the team for placement and scale of the works. I have a few options of the final sculpture surface from sandblasted or etched patterns of vegetation from the area onto the rusted steel; painted solid or gradation of colors; as well as printed via porcelain enamel steel. The steel is waterjet cut and will be attached to a concrete raised base. The constellation and stars in the animals will be see-through so when back lit by the sun or viewed from below the viewer can see the constellation more clear and/ or back lit with light at night. I hope it will be a similar experience of wonder when you’re looking up at the stars at night that is always positive and hopeful. There will be a plaque which will be a didactic of the constellation and animal. The artwork is a net zero energy design and uses sustainable materials that are environmentally friendly