May 4, 2018 - City Council Unanimously Endorses Plan For Iconic San Jose Structure

Dennis Kaiser / Connect Media

May 4, 2018 // The San Jose City Council unanimously endorsed the San Jose Light Tower Corporation (SJLTC) to move forward with plans to design and construct an artistically-inspired and iconic structure in downtown San Jose. The original San Jose electric light tower was constructed in 1881, stood 237-feet tall and spanned the intersection of Santa Clara and Market Streets (pictured above).

While not seeking to rebuild the historic tower, SJLTC will lead an effort to build a new, world-class, distinctive structure. This new landmark would use cutting-edge architecture and technology to recognize the region’s history, while inspiring future generations with a state-of-the-art design.

SJLTC will perform site selection, discuss possible amenities, and implement fundraising strategies to bring this creative vision to life. A worldwide competition will be launched to find the ultimate design, followed by an anticipated four-year project development and construction cycle, with project completion in 2022.